Medical Interpreting and Translation in Chicago 

There are situations in which being able to provide patients with the quality medical care they deserve requires an on-site medical interpreter or document translator. It is particularly important in health care settings where any form of miscommunication may result in a wrong diagnosis, or delayed or improper treatment.

At Cosmopolitan Translation Bureau, serving the Chicago, IL area, we provide the professional medical interpretation and translation services you will need to ensure effective communication between you and your patients, and their families. As your on-site medical interpretation company, we will accommodate your language needs with the most qualified professional medical interpreter or document translator.

What Is Medical On-Site Interpretation?

For medical on-site interpretation, a professional medical interpreter is physically present in a medical or health care-related setting to provide real-time interpretation. Individuals are benefited by both hearing and seeing the interpreter, who uses facial expressions and body language to aid in providing accurate interpretations.

When to Use an On-Site Interpreter in the Medical Industry

It is necessary to have an on-site interpreter who can provide a neutral and accurate interpretation in medical situations, especially in those that have the potential to be stressful and emotionally overwhelming. Interpreters are needed when:

  • Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of certain medical procedures
  • Reviewing medical documents, such as surgery permission forms, in a patient’s native tongue, so that he or she can make informed decisions
  • Explaining how to properly take certain prescription medicine
  • Conducting a medical examination

Types of On-Site Interpretation Medical Professionals May Need

The on-site interpretation service you need will depend on the medical setting:

  • Consecutive interpretation. This form of on-site interpreting is typically more appropriate for personal, one-on-one conversations. It requires the interpreter and the source language speaker to alternate listening and speaking. The interpreter will make notes and then express the message in the target language when the source language speaker has finished.
  • Simultaneous interpretation. This type of interpreting entails allowing the source language speaker to continuously speak while the interpreter delivers the message at the same time. It is ideal for medical industry conferences, lectures or other group settings in which a speaker must convey a significant amount of information to a large group that is composed of listeners from different countries.

Benefits of a Medical Interpreter or Translator

The services provided by a professional medical interpreter or translator can result in:

  • Significantly improved patient comprehension and satisfaction
  • Less errors in communication
  • Reduction in medical errors
  • Better health outcomes
  • Compliance with federal law for facilities that receive certain government funding
  • Patients having access to more health care services

No matter your role in the medical industry — whether it is in a doctor’s office, hospital or part of the health care system — if you are in contact with patients or clients speaking a different language, it is necessary to have the resources on hand for effective communication.

Cosmopolitan Translation Bureau can provide the on-site medical interpretation and document translation services you may need. Contact us today to learn more – 312-726-2610