Legal interpreting and Translation In Chicago  

There is a wide range of diverse languages represented in the court system. This means that language barriers can present complications and confusion in legal settings. What’s more, language barriers can compromise the service quality you provide to clients.

At Cosmopolitan Translation Bureau in Chicago, we have the professional interpretation and translation services you need to ensure that your legal matters are handled appropriately. Our Chicago legal interpreters and translators have the specialized knowledge of legal terminology that can ensure accuracy. We offer our services for all types of legal situations and can adhere to strict deadlines while maintaining confidentiality.

Our services include:

Legal Interpretation Services We Provide

Legal on-site interpretation entails having a highly trained interpreter sent to the site of your choice to provide real-time interpretation from one language to another. As a member of the legal industry, you can benefit from using a legal interpreter for:

  • Examinations under oath 
  • Administrative hearings 
  • Depositions
  • Arbitrations
  • Trials
  • Attorney-client meetings
  • Mediation
  • Recorded statements

Benefits of Using a Translator or Interpreter for Legal-Related Purposes

Translation and interpretation services are ideal for legal firms, insurance companies, local and state government agencies, and more. These services can:

  • Assure your clients that they are being given the information they need in their native language to make an informed decision.
  • Help you fulfill legal and moral obligations to provide the best legal services that you can.
  • Reflect well on the company willing to provide the services for its clients.

Types of On-Site Legal Interpretation Services

  • Consecutive interpretation. This type of interpretation is ideal for small, personal settings where one-on-one conversations take place, or where there is a small gathering of people.
  • Simultaneous interpretation. This form of interpretation requires that the interpreter provides an interpretation in the target language as the speaker continues to speak. The interpreter is listening and providing an uninterrupted stream of interpretation at the same time. 

At Cosmopolitan Translation Bureau, we understand the importance of accuracy regarding legal matters. When you need a highly skilled Chicago legal interpreter or translator, you can rely on us every time. Chicago legal interpreter services are offered for on-site needs, as well as telephone and document translation services so that you can better communicate with a client or colleague who speaks another language.

Please contact us today at 312-726-2610 to learn more about our legal interpreting and translation services in Chicago.