Consecutive Interpretation For Chicago, IL

Depending on the situation, different interpretation methods are required. At Cosmopolitan Translation Bureau, we provide a wide range of on-site interpretation services, including consecutive interpretation.

Consecutive interpretation assists in the communication between speakers of different languages and is essential in certain professional industries, such as medical and legal, when there is a language barrier. Consecutive interpreters are not only required to be able to speak the target language well, but also must possess an expert understanding of the culture to accurately convey a message in the right context.

What Is Consecutive Interpretation?

Consecutive interpretation involves two parties conversing in different languages with an interpreter who listens and interprets each message for both listeners to understand. During the conversation, there is a pause between speakers so that the interpreter can relay the message into each listener’s native language.

Professionally trained consecutive interpreters are able to provide interpretations for both parties involved, accurately conveying the messages using the same emphasis and inflection of the speakers, without having to elaborate.

Consecutive interpretation and Simultaneous Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation are markedly different. While consecutive interpreters express a message after the speaker pauses, simultaneous interpreters provide interpretation in real time. The speaker is not required to stop speaking. Simultaneous interpretation requires the use of audio equipment so the interpretation is delivered to multiple listeners even as the speech continues.

When to Use Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is best suited for situations involving a small number of people in personal settings, or situations in which individuals have one-on-one conversations. This includes:

  • Client or employee interviews
  • Human resource meetings
  • Formal legal hearings
  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Court depositions
  • Technical seminars
  • Attorney-client meetings
  • Doctor visits
  • Legal negotiations
  • Training workshops

So, Why Do We Use the Word “Interpreter” Instead of “Translator”?

An “interpreter” is someone who “translates” speech orally. A “translator” refers to someone who translates printed materials. Cosmopolitan Translation Bureau has trained professionals who can meet your interpretation and translation needs.



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