About Us

Cosmopolitan Translation Bureau, Inc. is a versatile linguistic service uniquely qualified in the arts of translation and interpretation. We translate and interpret from and into all the standard languages of the world.

A Little More About Cosmopolitan Translation
Professor Julian J. Steen founded our firm in 1928. It was — and remains to this day — a family owned and operated company. Since that time, we have continued to serve the diversified needs of business, industry, the legal and medical professions, educational institutions, and individuals throughout the Chicago area.

Languages We Offer
We provide interpreting and translating in all languages, including Spanish, Russian, Polish, Mandarin and Mongolian.

Interpretation and Translation Services
Our services include on-site consecutive and simultaneous interpretation as well as document translation.

Industries We Serve
The many industries we serve include finance, insurance, pharmaceuticals, academic, science and technology, computer science, engineering and more.

Areas Served

Cosmopolitan Translation Bureau is a Chicago company that provides professional on-site interpretation services as well as document translation. Our highly skilled interpreters and document translators help you achieve your business goals, while b...

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