Large cities like Chicago are home to many residents with limited or no English proficiency. That’s why Cosmopolitan Translation offers Chicago-area government interpretation and translation services. Regardless of the language your constituents speak, we help you bridge the language barrier and provide equal access to your services and information.

Our professional government interpreters are qualified not only in a language, but also in the relevant culture; this allows us to provide the most accurate communication and understanding between two parties.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Government Interpreter or Translator?
Our specialized government interpreter and translator services are vitally important to increasing participation in public programs. Benefits of our services include:

  • Compliance with regulations and mandates regarding language access
  • Reduced inequalities between English and non-English speaking people
  • Ensuring that each person — whether proficient in English or not — understands written and oral communications from government entities

What Government Interpreter and Translation Services Do We Provide?
Our services provide the information people need in the language they understand. We offer both translation and interpretation services to governmental entities. When you request on-site interpretation, a highly seasoned interpreter travels to your location and conducts real-time interpretation between English speakers and those who speak another language. We also offer document translation services to ensure that all methods of communication are covered. Governments benefit from using our services for:

  • One-on-one appointments
  • Program enrollments
  • Community meetings and public forums
  • Immigration hearings and proceedings
  • Social service and medical assessments
  • Translation of documents, letters, applications, forms and brochures

Count on Cosmopolitan Translation Bureau for all your government language interpretation and translation needs. Whether you need on-site interpreting or document translation to communicate with a constituent who speaks another language or is deaf, we’re your one-stop shop for government interpreter services in Chicago.