Medical Interpreters & Translators


There are situations in which being able to provide patients with the quality medical care they deserve requires an on-site medical interpreter or document translator. It is particularly important in health care settings where any form of miscommunication may result in a wrong diagnosis, or delayed or improper treatment.

At Cosmopolitan Translation Bureau, we provide the professional Chicago-area medical interpretation and translation services you need to ensure effective communication between you and your patients and their families. As your on-site medical interpretation company, we accommodate your language needs with the most qualified professional medical interpreter or document translator.

What Is Medical On-Site Interpretation?
On-site medical interpreter services means that a medical interpreter is physically present in a medical or health care-related setting to provide real-time interpretation. Patients benefit by both hearing and seeing the interpreter, who uses facial expressions and body language to aid in providing accurate interpretations.

When Should You Use On-Site Chicago Medical Interpreter Services?
Use an on-site interpreter when you need someone to provide a neutral and accurate interpretation in medical situations, especially in those that are potentially stressful and emotionally overwhelming. Interpreters are needed when:

  • Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of certain medical procedures
  • Reviewing medical documents (such as surgery permission forms) in a patient’s native tongue, so that he or she can make informed decisions
  • Explaining how to properly take certain prescription medicines
  • Conducting a medical examination

What Are the Benefits of a Medical Interpreter or Translator?
The services provided by a professional medical interpreter or translator can result in:

  • Significantly improved patient comprehension and satisfaction
  • Fewer errors in communication
  • Accurate translations of written documents, such as medical reports
  • Reduction in medical errors
  • Better health outcomes
  • Compliance with federal law for facilities that receive certain government funding
  • Patients having access to more health care services

No matter your role in the medical industry — whether it is in a doctor’s office, hospital or part of the health care system — if you are in contact with patients or clients speaking a different language, it is necessary to have the resources on hand for effective communication.