Cosmopolitan Translation is one of the leading professional language interpretation and translation companies in Chicago. Our extensive network of qualified translators and interpreters provides services to meet the needs of our clients in a multitude of languages.

We provide all the language translation and interpretation services you need. We ensure that our professionals are fluent in both the source and target languages. They possess an innate sense of the culture in the country of which the language originates, which ensures that nothing is lost in translation. We work closely with you to make sure you receive the professional services you deserve.

What Languages Do We Interpret and Translate?
In addition to the five major languages listed above, we provide services in more than 60 languages. If you do not see your target language listed above or on the page for “other” languages, please contact us.


Because so many Chicago-area residents speak Spanish, Cosmopolitan Translation provides on-site, professional Spanish language interpretation and translation services throughout the Chicago region. Our services help you attract and retain customer...

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Do you need professional Russian language interpretation and/or translation services? In many Chicago and suburban neighborhoods, Russian is spoken fluently. Expand your business and improve your customer service with Cosmopolitan Translation’s on...

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Chicago and its suburbs are home to many Polish-speaking residents. They may speak English, but may not be proficient enough to understand medical and legal terms. That's why Cosmopolitan Translation offers professional Polish language interpretat...

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Mandarin may be the most widely spoken language in the world, so you can be sure there are plenty of Chicago-area residents for whom this is their first language. That’s why Cosmopolitan Translation offers professional Mandarin language interpreta...

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Our services are designed to help you communicate with your non-English speaking prospects or clients, not only helping you to attract and retain customers, but also to help you take your customer service efforts to a new level. By offering on-sit...

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In addition to Spanish, Russian, Polish, Mandarin and Mongolian, Cosmopolitan Translation is prepared to satisfy your most demanding interpretation and translation requirements in the following languages: Afrikaans Albanian American Sign L...

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