Mandarin Translators & Interpreters


Mandarin may be the most widely spoken language in the world, so you can be sure there are plenty of Chicago-area residents for whom this is their first language. That’s why Cosmopolitan Translation offers professional Mandarin language interpretation and translation services. Whether you need on-site consecutive or simultaneous interpretation, or document translation, we have the ideal expert, knowledgeable personnel for your specific needs.

When Might You Need Our Services?
We offer interpretation services to help you communicate with Mandarin speakers during business appointments, legal meetings and more. Our professional interpreters regularly join our clients and their Mandarin-speaking clients and customers at events such as trials and hearings, depositions and interrogations, immigration court proceedings, business conferences, trade fairs, labor negotiations, insurance investigations and discussions, and medical appointments. We also provide excellent document translations.

What Types of Industries Use Our Services?
Cosmopolitan Translation has the experienced, knowledgeable Mandarin language interpreters and translators to meet the language needs in many different fields. The following types of businesses and organizations count on our language expertise: science and technology; finance, insurance, consumer products, pharmaceutical and other businesses; computer science and data processing; legal firms; medical practices; educational institutions; employment agencies; and journalists, writers and editors. We also translate personal and other printed documents.