Russian Translators & Interpreters


Do you need professional Russian language interpretation and/or translation services? In many Chicago and suburban neighborhoods, Russian is spoken fluently. Expand your business and improve your customer service with Cosmopolitan Translation’s on-site Russian interpretation (both consecutive and simultaneous) and document translation services in the City and suburbs.

What Industries Do Our Russian Language Services Cover?
No matter what field you represent, our Russian language interpreters and translators meet your specific needs. We have experience and expertise in a vast range of industries, including business, technology, science, computer science/data processing, law, insurance, medicine, education, employment agencies, journalism, literature and consumer goods.

On What Occasions Might You Need Us?
Cosmopolitan Translation has provided Russian interpreters and translators for many events. If you require our services for any of the following occasions — or anything else you can think of — please contact us to learn how we can help you.

  • Medical appointments
  • Business conferences
  • Insurance investigations
  • Labor negotiations
  • Legal work such as depositions and interrogations
  • Court hearings and trials
  • Trade fairs
  • Telephone conversations
  • Document translation