Spanish Translators & Interpreters


Because so many Chicago-area residents speak Spanish, Cosmopolitan Translation provides on-site, professional Spanish language interpretation and translation services throughout the Chicago region. Our services help you attract and retain customers and clients, while providing a level of service that your competitors may not offer.

What Spanish Language Services Do We Offer?
Whether you need on-site simultaneous or consecutive interpretation, or document translation, we have the perfect Spanish language interpreter or translator for you. We specialize in medical and legal interpretation for appointments, trials, hearings, and court proceedings across any field.


  • Science and Technology
  • Computer Science and Data Processing
  • Business and Finance
  • Law and Insurance
  • Medicine and Pharmaceuticals
  • Academic and Employment Records
  • Literature and Journalism
  • Personal Documents
  • Consumer Products


  • Trials and hearings
  • Depositions and interrogations
  • Immigration court proceedings
  • Business conferences
  • Labor negotiations
  • Trade fairs
  • Insurance investigations
  • Medical appointments
  • Telephone conversations

We also provide document translation.