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What is the difference between interpretation and translation services? Because the two disciplines are so closely related, there can be confusion regarding translation and interpretation. One main difference is the medium: Interpretation pertains to oral communication, while translation is used for written documents.

The skills sets that are required for each of the two disciplines are different, as are their processes. Interpretation can be provided in real time, while it may require days to accurately translate written text with a seamless structural flow. Superior writing skills and an expert understanding of written grammar guidelines are essential for translation.

Chicago-Area Interpretation Services
The purpose of interpretation is to allow speakers of different languages to communicate effectively. When you request on-site interpretation services, we send one of our professional interpreters to your office or other specified location to act as the go-between for the two parties, such as doctor and patient, professional and client, or speaker and audience.

Chicago-Area Certified Translation Services
Translation is the process of converting printed materials from one language into another, and is often used in a variety of legal, medical and business settings. Cosmopolitan Translation Bureau ensures you have the efficient, effective translation services you need.

On-Site Interpretation

Cosmopolitan Translation Bureau offers two distinct types of on-site interpretation services. Unlike our document translation service, which refers to the translation of printed materials from one language into another, interpretation involves ora...

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Document Translation

Professional translation that conveys the nuances of a language — not just the words — is an important part of effective communication. At Cosmopolitan Translation Bureau, we provide a wide range of document translation services to the Chicago are...

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