Chicago On-Site Interpreters

On-Site Interpretation

Cosmopolitan Translation Bureau offers two distinct types of on-site interpretation services. Unlike our document translation service, which refers to the translation of printed materials from one language into another, interpretation involves oral communication.

We provide the following types of on-site interpretation in the Chicago area:

  • Consecutive Interpretation.
    The speaker pauses after conveying a sentence or thought. The interpreter then relays this information in the target language to a third party. This type of interpretation is commonly used for medical appointments, depositions, court proceedings and small meetings.
  • Simultaneous Interpretation.
    The interpreter listens to the speaker and immediately relays the message in the target language to the audience. The speaker is not required to stop speaking, and the interpretation is delivered as the speech continues. This type of interpretation is used for large conferences and judicial settings.

Industries We Serve

We provide Chicago on-site interpretation services for several industries in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Our experienced and highly qualified on-site interpreters are able to provide real-time interpretation for a wide range of settings, using their knowledge of the source language’s culture to provide the accurate wording with the correct nuances that are necessary to convey the true meaning of the message being given.

Some of the many industries we serve include:

How You Can Use Our On-Site Interpretation Services

We can provide a Chicago-area professional interpreter who can help your company operate more efficiently by providing accurate consecutive interpretation in settings such as:

  • Depositions
  • Courtroom proceedings
  • Training activities
  • Witness testimonies
  • Press conferences
  • Medical consultations
  • Job interviews
  • Business negotiations
  • Doctor Appointments

A Chicago-area interpreter from our company can provide the simultaneous interpretation you will need to ensure that all of the attendees are able to understand the speaker at events such as:

  • Keynote speeches
  • Religious gatherings
  • International conferences
  • Large stockholder meetings
  • Global summits and meetings
  • Diplomatic proceedings
  • Companywide board meetings

Cosmopolitan Translation Bureau can provide you with the on-site Chicago-area interpreter services you need — no matter your industry or field. Make sure that you have the professional on-site interpreters so that your business can run smoothly.

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